Website Monitoring and Intrusion Protection

ionCube24 is a new service created as a major weapon against the growing problems of server malware infections and defacements. The service adds real-time active file monitoring to an industry standard component that your server may well have already, the ionCube Loader, and in under 5 minutes, your server can be actively protected against any unauthorised PHP code, no matter how it gets onto the server.


Prevent Website Defacement and Malware

Websites get hacked all the time, causing downtime, uncertainty, unplanned costs and lost business. What appears to be a simple defacement might also hide the true attack, which could have modified critical code, stolen customer data, and exploited a kernel weakness to gain root privileges and plant backdoors. The only true fix is to restore the entire server from a backup, operating system and all, with even more costs and downtime. Not a happy prospect.

How can ionCube24 help?

ionCube24 actively prevents unexpected PHP code from running on your server, any time of day or night, and no matter how it got there. An immediate email alert lets you know there may be a problem, and as no code was run, addressing the problem can be done without panic and haste, and no server reinstall. The system uses an upgrade to a component you may already use, the ionCube Loader, can be setup in a few easy steps, and is managed by a powerful web front end.

Active vs. Passive Protection

Most web monitoring systems rely on occasional scanning of files for code that is known to be vulnerable or that may be a problem. If a vulnerability or malware is found, there is no guarantee that it has not already been used, and such systems are likely to be ineffective against vulnerabilities that are not yet known to the system but that may be well known to hackers (e.g. the WordPress SoakSoak problem).

Active monitoring with ionCube24 at the point of execution takes away this guesswork and uncertainty, and as your website is actively monitored, malware is blocked at any time of the day or night.


Real time alerts ensure that you are informed the moment that there is activity that you need to review.


Setting up security can be a painful and daunting experience. ionCube24 is designed to make the process as simple as possible. By setting a TrustPointTM, with a single click you can authorise existing files on your server, and mechaisms are provided for authorising any future files that need to be created in real-time by your website so your website is not interrupted.

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